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Have You Heard About ChannelWiki?

Last week we posted this blog announcing the creation of a new resource for the entire IT channel. 

ChannelWiki: Of the channel, by the channel, for the channel.

If you offer a solution or service to the IT channel, just fill out the profile (only 12 questions) to be included in the Wiki: 

Looks Cloudy ChannelWiki Profile

Don’t delay because submitting sooner will get you closer to the top of the list in your Solution Category. It’s free and we won’t Spam you or share your email address with anyone (unless you give us an email address to post publicly on the profile.)

ChannelWiki is very simple: an open, editable wikipedia type database that will provide useful information about companies, solutions, people, associations, publications, peer groups, and more from across the IT channel. Anyone will be able to read the information and add their own perspective.

We hope that this resource will enable vendors and solution providers of all kinds to better connect in the channel by having access to real, unbiased, unfiltered information.

We need your help.  If you know of any other company or solution that should be included in the Wiki, please just forward the profile link to them or let us know at

Please, spread the word and help us to "crowdsource" ChannelWiki. We look forward to growing a deep community resource for everyone to share. 

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