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How The Cloud Is Changing The Way People Work

Hosted and web based technologies stand to make a major impact on how businesses operate.  We’ve discussed this in some depth here on Looks Cloudy. 

What’s also interesting to me is how “The Cloud” is changing, and will in the future change, the way that people do their jobs.  For us in the IT industry, we tend to be a bit ahead of this curve.  We have adopted some technologies, like smartphones and other mobile technology devices, perhaps faster than the general population.  Those technologies have helped us to do our jobs better and faster in numerous ways. 

It’s important to remember, though, that these ideas about how the cloud makes our jobs easier, and makes it easier for us to do those jobs, aren’t so “obvious” or self-explanatory to folks outside our sphere. 

It’s up to us to expose our clients to the benefits of “The Cloud.”  Every business that we serve has some unique set of challenges and opportunities to deal with, and a part of our job is to find out about them and help our clients deal with them through effective application of technology. 

But, on a general level, the following are three very broad ways in which the cloud improves the way that people work: 

  • keep (or get) “non-desk” employees connected to company technology and communications
  • reduce/control costs by allowing people to use their own devices for work purposes
  • enable a productive work force anywhere with internet connectivity

If you haven’t discussed these possibilities with your clients, it may be time to sit down and ask about whether any of these things could help to accelerate that client’s progress toward its goals.  And with a full understanding of “Cloudy technologies” you’ll be equipped to find even more business-specific opportunities to help your clients leverage “The Cloud.”

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