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Live Webcast Starting In One Hour: “How to Make Money on the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Consumerization Trend”

Consumerization of technology is happening around us.  New information technology like smartphones, laptops, and tablet pcs emerges first in the consumer space, then spreads into business organizations. In other words, people will learn how to use new technology on their own time, then start using their own smartphones, laptops, and tablet pcs for work purposes.

Recent research shows us that this is happening now. And the IT provider usually doesn’t even know about some of these devices that are being brought into the workplace.

IT can’t manage or support services or devices it doesn’t know about, or enforce any kind of corporate policy on them, leaving the client’s business exposed to some potentially serious risks. Some of us IT providers see this trend as threat, but it can also be an opportunity.The thing is, these problems and risks aren’t all that tough to solve or mitigate.

Join Kate Hunt for this session to find out how you can help your clients protect themselves while taking advantage of this consumerization trend, and make money on it at the same time.

Click here to register for the live webcast at 2pm EDT today.

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