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Tune in to This Week’s Weather Report Podcast “Taxing the Cloud Part 1: The Taxman Cometh for MSPs” with Charles Weaver, MSP Alliance


Everybody knows that services like the ones we deliver aren’t subject to sales tax.  But what if you found out that all the Managed Services revenue you’ve earned since your business opened its doors was in fact subject to sales tax?  Would you be able to come up with that kind of cash if the taxman came to collect? 

Join Kate Hunt and Charles Weaver, President of the MSP Alliance, for the first part in our new Weather Report podcast series to find out how it can be possible that real MSPs are facing this real issue.  Managed Services revenue is catching the attention of tax auditors across the country. “Looks like a warranty to me,” the auditors say, before subsequently determining that the MSPs should have charged sales tax on all that revenue.

Find out what is really happening, what’s causing it, and how MSPs are being affected in this jam-packed 20 minute session. 

Click here to listen to this week’s Weather Report Podcast.

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