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This Week’s Weather Report Podcast: “Social Media Marketing Trends for 2012, and How to Get Connected” with Bob Godgart and Jay McBain, ChannelEyes

As we move out of 2011 thinking into 2012 thinking, the way that we market ourselves and our businesses is a big consideration.  We know that the marketing world, both B2B and B2C, is changing fast, thanks to tools like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.  What may be less clear, however, is how all of that change is going to affect us and our businesses. 


Join your editor Kate Hunt along with Bob Godgart and Jay McBain of ChannelEyes for this 20 minute session to find out how Facebook and other social media are changing not just the way we communicate, but the way we do business as well, and what three key challenges we will face in the new world of social media. 

You’ll also find out more about the forthcoming ChannelEyes social media platform, when it will be available, and why the team has chosen to hold off on releasing the product thusfar. 

You’ll also learn why the term “Ridiculously Simple” has become something of a mantra for ChannelEyes, and why that is so important to all of us. 

Click here to listen to this week’s Weather Report Podcast.

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