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“When ‘It Just Works’ Just Isn’t Enough: Managing Man Hours Per Gigabyte” with Ted Roller, VP of Channel Development, Intronis

There are hours and costs associated with every successful client backup, every new client set up, and every hour spent managing backups each month. Intronis refers to this as Manhours per Gigabyte™ (MPG). MPG is a quick calculation of what current backup solution is REALLY costing.

Intronis is taking the management of client data backup to a new level, putting the focus on helping partners reclaim their team’s valuable time and make more money. 

“While ‘it just works’ is at the core of any good backup strategy, it’s simply not enough by itself.” That’s what Ted Roller has to say about why Intronis has started discussing online backup in terms of Manhours per Gigabyte.


Join your Editor Kate Hunt and Ted Roller of Intronis for this special podcast and delve into the innovative concept that helps Intronis’ solution provider and MSP partners to succeed.  You’ll also hear from Ted about what Intronis has on the “horizon” for 2012 and why Ascii has named Intronis the Best Revenue Generator for 6 years running. 

Click here to listen to the Weather Report Podcast.

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