Adobe’s Creative Cloud

Adobe will be releasing CS6 tomorrow and with it they will be shifting gears in their platform delivery with this release. While CS6 will still be available in their usual package and pricing, the Creative Cloud will allow Adobe to deliver their software through the cloud, as the name would imply. One of the most attractive features of this alternative product line is the pricing, instead of their standard model they’ll be offering a subscription based model that can go as low as $49.99 a month. This pricing will make a lot more attractive for folks that hold off on upgrades because of the larger costs, but may be able to afford a smaller monthly fee. This strategy has the potential to yield Adobe a hefty profit increase since it’s likely to bring a lot of folks out from the sidelines to upgrade their products and add to the Adobe bottom line.

One important feature of the software platform that can help with your clients is the fact that the latest version of the software is always available at your fingertips. You can keep your clients on the latest and greatest with very little effort. In addition, increasing the depth of their offering they’ll be packaging easy to use publishing tools to publish web sites and iPad presentations directly through their cloud platform. Another Cloud based feature is their cloud storage for your projects, this component alone allows the end user excellent portability. This is a huge win for folks that look for better collaboration out of the Creative Suite packages.

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