Cloud To Go

Would you put your home in the cloud?

AT&T thinks you will.

Few years ago most businesses and individuals couldn’t comprehend putting important data in the cloud. This was a fact despite the fact that they already used webmail, Blackberry, instant messaging, online banking and more. Now the cloud wants to absorb your entire house:

The above is an AT&T iPad app meant for home automation – that is far beyond what even Walt Disney’s famous Carousel of Progress imagined half a century ago. It goes straight to the Star Ship Enterprise – sans the replicator. You’ll still have to stock your fridge but you might be able to shut it off from work.

Interestingly enough, we’re seeing another commodity tech industry (alarms and monitoring) being picked by the cloud that just makes it a lot more friendlier and comfortable.

Which brings us to an interesting question to ponder: If it’s something that people don’t see (much like monitoring and security logs in managed services) then how can the client appreciate them and like your service enough to pay for a premium?

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