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5 Terms Your Clients should Never Know and their Alternatives

In the world of IT, there are acronyms, words, and products that we refer to on a regular basis. These terms become such a part of our daily speech that we tend to assume that everyone knows and can understand our geekspeak.  The reality is that most people have no clue what we are talking about; but they will nod politely and smile, as we go on and on about protocols, connection types, and ports.

The reality is that even though people are nodding and smiling, does not mean they are interested, or even enjoying the conversation. Most of the time they are tuning you out, and sometimes it can also make people feel inferior.

A skill that successful IT Solution Providers have mastered is the ability to translate these terms into everyday speech. By utilizing alternative words, analogies, and understandable language; you are much more likely to hold the interest of your customer or potential client.

1. Managed Services-

Alternative:  We provide a solution where we completely take care of all of your computer needs.

2. BDR-

Alternative- A solution which enables us to protect and make sure you will always have access to your critical information.

3. Active Directory

Alternative: We will set you up to allow control and provide access to information based on a person’s role in the company specified by you.

4. RMM (aka Remote Monitoring and Management)

Alternative: Our Management Platform is like NASA’s Mission Control Center it allows us to handle all aspects of your environment.

5. HelpDesk

Alternative: Our Team

By utilizing a little translation; you will find a better experience for your customers and a higher level of engagement. The preceding alternatives are just suggestions but think about ways you can make complicated terms and acronyms more understandable and you will be sure to reap the benefits.

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