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Are BDR’s so 2010?

The BDR (Backup and Disaster Recovery) device has been a standard solution for many MSP’s for a number of years. As hardware based server installations have begun to decline for businesses that are seeing the value in cloud based solutions, and as Microsoft has shifted their strategies from hardware to the cloud, the question this brings is; where is a place for the BDR in this situation?

BDR’s have been a huge part of the MSP offering and has had the IT Channel inundated with companies that have come and gone, most offering device-based solutions to provide to customers with on premise hardware.  This had MSP’s in a constant search for reliable companies to meet the need of their customers.

A handful of BDR companies made it through the technical, support, and demand issues that plagued many of the early offerings that were on the market, leaving these companies to dominate the space. With the bad seeds out of the way these BDR companies have been able to create lasting companies, with good sales, and loyal partnerships. But how long will this last?

As the tide is beginning to turn in the IT industry towards Cloud and mobility solutions, on-premise hardware based backup solutions would seem to have the potential for obsolescence, especially in the SMB space. Though this time has not yet come and many SMB businesses have not yet hit a refresh cycle with their current SBS solutions, the discontinuance of SBS is sure to have an affect on those SMB businesses looking to upgrade at that refresh cycle.

Many will look to the cloud and cloud-based backup solutions that rely very little on on-premise hardware. This would have some thinking that the BDR companies must be thinking ahead and either forging into the enterprise/infrastructure space, or are working towards building out cloud and software-based solutions to create sustainability within the businesses.

This really is no different than what is being seen from the likes of Dell, HP, Microsoft, and most major players in technology and hardware. So where does this leave the MSP. Really all of this should be a forewarning to MSP’s that are currently happy with the status quo.

A change in the way IT business is delivered is occurring and only the businesses willing to change will survive. Does this mean that BDR’s are no longer relevant? No, it just means that preparations should be made and advances in technology need to be watched closely, while every customers network needs to be evaluated for the right solution. What you installed yesterday may not be right for the next customer tomorrow. It is great to have standards but it may be time to reevaluate those standards across the board.

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