Are you on the List? Channel Choice Nominations End Today

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Are you on the list? We have extended the nomination period for the Looks Cloudy Channel Choice Awards until Monday March 4th, time is running out to be recognized with your peers. The list so far represents a wide range of influential MSP’s, IT Solution Providers, Vendors, and Consultants.

Check to see if you have made the list. If you see yourself, congratulations for being one of the few recognized for your hard work and efforts. If you do not see yourself on the list, there is still time. Nominations close on Monday arch 4th at 11:59 PST.  Go to http://www.lookscloudy.com/channelchoice to add your nomination.



  • Jean Alexander                      ASCII
  • Travis Austin                          Rezitech, Inc.
  • Amy Babinchak                     Third Tier/Harbor Computer Services
  • Chris Bangs                           SMB Nation
  • Scott Barlow                           Reflexion
  • Arnie Bellini                            Connectwise
  • Don Bentz                              Preferred IT Group
  • Lynette Bohanan                   CommCentric Solutions
  • Harry Brelsford                       SMB Nation
  • Jacob Braun                           Waka Digital Media
  • Mike Byrne                             Dell PacketTrap
  • Mike Campion                        LabTech Software
  • Chris Chase                           Directive
  • Steve Copeland                     Manage My IT, Inc.
  • Stuart Crawford                      Ulistic
  • Howard Cunningham              Macro Systems LLC.
  • Len DiCostanza                      Autotask
  • Leonard DiMiceli                    SpamSoap
  • Jeff Dryall                                 Level Platforms
  • Thomas Fox                            Tech Experts
  • James Foxall                           Tigerpaw
  • Brian Freistat                         Vertical Axion
  • Mitch Garvis                           Microsoft
  • Dave Geoghegan                     Channel Eyes
  • Bob Godgart                           ChannelEyes
  • Shari Godgart                         Channel Eyes
  • Joe Gregory                            GrapevineMSP
  • Karen Guarino                        Reflexion
  • Andy Harper                           Gaeltek, LLC
  • Brian Hierholzer                   Artisan Infrastructure
  • Ted Hulsy                                eFolder
  • Kate Hunt                              CompTia
  • Brett Jaffe                              OS33
  • Richard Kenyon                    HL Tech Solutions
  • Jerry Koutavas                       ASCII
  • Brian Laufer                            QuoteWerks/Aspire Technologies
  • John Lewe                              QuoteWerks/Aspire Technologies
  • Amy Luby                               Managed and Cloud Services Executive
  • Matt Makowicz                      AmbitionMission
  • Kenneth May                         Swift Chip Inc.
  • Jay McBain                             ChannelEyes
  • Todd Neilsen                          JMARK
  • Steve Noel                              Axcient
  • Karl Palachuk                        Great Little Book Publishing
  • Deanna Pizzo                         IT Solutions of South Florida
  • Herman Pool                          Vertical Axion
  • Rob Rae                                  Level Platforms
  • Michael Reuben                    TOGL
  • Michelle Ragusa                    Cisco
  • Robin Robins                         Technology Marketing Toolkit
  • Alex Rogers                            CharTec
  • Ted Roller                              LogMeIn
  • Rob Ryan                                Heroware
  • Christy Sacco                         HTG Peer Groups
  • Giovanni Sanguily                 Intel
  • Rafael Sanguily                     Intel
  • Scott Scrogin                          HTG Peer Groups
  • Stuart Selbst                          Stuart Selbst Consulting
  • Dave Seibert                          IT Innovators
  • Dave Sobel                             Level Platforms
  • Arlin Sorenson                       HTG Peer Groups
  • Damien Stevens                    Servosity
  • Vince Tinnerello                    Anchor Network Solutions
  • Randy Wear                           TOGL
  • Dan Wensley                         Level Platforms
  • Jamison West                         Arterian
  • Dawn Wilson                         Tec Works
  • Erick Wilson                           Tec Works
  • Reed Wilson                          Palmetto Technology Group
  • Chris Wiser                            TechSquad IT

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