The Conference Season has commenced

This week we are headed to the first of the ASCII series of conferences. The first conference, which is being held in Dana Point, California, just outside of Los Angeles, is the kick off to the conference season and promises to be educational and fun.

Conferences and paid workshops are a great way to provide educational opportunities, leadership advancements, solution and trend awareness, as well as networking opportunities for IT business owners and employees alike. They provide insight and depth into breakthrough products as well as training for all attendees.

Creating a training budget is important for all IT businesses. The IT industry is constantly evolving and changing making training workshops and conferences an important part of an overall growth plan. The main difference between a conference and a paid workshop is, conferences tend to provide sponsor based content with general overviews of topics, where paid workshops provide more specified content and training with less emphasis on sponsors.

Though this is only a rule of thumb and many conferences have stepped up their educational content, it is important to mix both paid workshops and conferences into an overall training strategy.

Many companies are creating new, easier ways to provide training to business owners and employees without having the expense and time spent travelling. These new ways incorporate online content; live web-based material, live interaction, and convenient access to recorded content without ever having to leave your office.

As mentioned earlier these new events should be brought together into an overall strategy, which sees a mix of onsite and online workshops with attended conferences, to provide the most well rounded training structure for a business.

It is a good idea for IT businesses to create and map out their training strategy for the year. Create a budget, assign staff expectations, and don’t be afraid to jump at opportunities presented for either you or your employees to get involved. Interaction with peers and education are the key to growing your business, keeping ideas fresh, and providing employees with a clear career path.

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