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Copyright Alert System Going into Affect

For those that frequent, or even casually download material from peer to peer networks, a new system announced might finally be the deterrence needed to keep users from sharing copyrighted materials. The new system aptly named the “Copyright Alert System” allows copyright holders and associated groups to report violations directly to participating Internet service providers.

Providers are then mandated to take action against reported IP addresses beginning with a reported activity warning and potentially ending in throttled internet service after a up to six warnings and attempts to notify.

The system sounds like a safe and better solution to the current warn then sue mentality that has brought fear and monetary exploitation to otherwise law abiding citizens. Under the new system users are not exposed to the same legal battles that have been made so public in the past. Instead they are hurt in an area that might be considered to some more valuable, their Internet access and speeds.

At launch AT&T, cablevision, Comcast, Time Warner, and Verizon will participate in the newly devised system. The entire solution is designed to educate individuals on the issues of copyright infringement and online piracy.

Many believe these efforts will do little to protect copyrighted material and major offenders or providers of illegal content will continue to provide these with very little affect. Proponents believe educating individuals on the affects and issues of downloading materials will prove to minimize the amount of users who do so.

It very well may have a positive affect. If casual downloaders are notified of illegal practices and warned numerous times, they may decide it is not worth it or feel like they are exposed, leading to a decrease in these types of crimes. Those that are providing large amounts of content and are fearless may be less affected and will most likely find workarounds to keep from being detected.

Either way if the system is not abused it hopefully will provide enough concern to prompt regular Joe’s to stop downloading illegal content and rejoin those who pay for software, movies, music, and content.

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