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Microsoft IE10 for Windows7 Hits the Market

The latest release of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser, IE10 has been released. This new version claims to be 20% faster than IE9 and brings with it new compatibilities for web standards.

The release, which has some users leery given its coordinated release with an IE10 Blocker Toolkit by Microsoft, is set to roll out via automatic updates to all users that do not apply the blocker toolkit.

With the rocky road that IE has had over its lifespan, this toolkit will be a must for certain users, and news of the new release should be sent out in newsletters or email blasts from IT companies to their clients.

Microsoft has not provided a definite date on the roll out just to say the automatic update will be coming in the next few weeks. Users and providers that would like to download the software now, are able to do so from Microsoft’s site.

IE10 has been a part of the Windows 8 OS since it was launched and has since been ported to the Windows 7 platform. Microsoft is not speaking to any plans to bring the latest browser to any of its Operating System line older than Windows 7.

IE10 for Windows 7 should help to boost browser share for Microsoft. Microsoft still holds the top spot for market share across all of its IE versions combined. It can be expected that this will strengthen with the new release. Currently Firefox and Chrome hold the second and third spot with a combined share that has been gaining ground on the Redmond Company.


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