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Microsoft is merging more Products

Microsoft has made some bold moves as of late and has been merging and converting customers from their messenger platform to Skype, forcing all users to abandon their familiar chat and messaging solution. Well it doesn’t look like Microsoft is stopping there.

The Redmond Company has similar plans for a number of products. Users including myself received the following email


Hotmail users will be automatically upgraded to Outlook.com. Hotmail, which has been around since 1997 has been a staple for many users though the webmail program has lost a lot of its share to Google’s gmail, the email solution had its followers. Outlook.com shouldn’t be confused with Outlook which is a corporate email client packaged in with The Office business suite.

Sound confusing already? Well it very well may be. Consumers and business users alike familiar with outlook may find this naming structure for the new Hotmail, or new service, or whatever it is initially confusing.  Outlook.com is a web based email solution similar to Hotmail or gmail with a new added look and features, where Outlook is software that can be used for email.

The hard cutover date was not apparent from the email or news other than the transition will automatically happen soon if you don’t upgrade. If you have lingering Hotmail accounts you may want to upgrade before a forced transition occurs.

Another Microsoft announcement was an integration between Microsoft Lync and Skype. Though this one is less clear on whether Lync will become Skype eventually or vice versa, what is known is there will be a distinct integration between the two products.

It is smart for Microsoft to strengthen the portfolio by integrating products and solutions. What this can possibly do is create a better experience and larger dedicated teams to support and foster fewer products. Without a doubt there will be people that will loose specific functionality or resist change. However in the long run it will most likely be a smart decision for Microsoft across the board.


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