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Where are MSP’s with Selling VoiP?

There was a ton of buzz a few years back with the movement of MSP’s and IT solution providers getting into selling and managing VoiP solutions. This excitement had many companies looking to expand their offering with what seemed like a natural addition to the solution stack.

Dedicated hardware with great upsell opportunities was a big draw for those looking to offset a decline in PC sales, as well combining phone and internet services offered customers savings that could be used to help pay for new VoiP solutions. This was enough to spark interest and get many IT providers to take the leap into unchartered territory with telecommunications installation and sales.

Though the fit seemed natural, the road to success may have been rockier than initially expected. There was new technology to learn, acronyms, technical requirements, not to mention learning how to deal with voice carriers that seem to be in no particular hurry to help.

This new demand found many new and seasoned VoiP equipment vendors, pitching their solutions to an untapped MSP market. Some of these solutions, which were based on open-sourced software, were not completely ready for primetime and the requirements to support telecom newbies was not always in place.

For some this meant frustration, issues, and even loss of client trust, all of these, which had a major affect on some MSP businesses. Time became a major factor on top of the issues and supporting call quality, dropped calls, outages, and any other number of issues became too much of a loss for some MSP’s that had to wipe their hands clean of offering VoiP solutions.

So this had me wondering where is VoiP in the MSP world today?

  • Were there a large number of MSP’s that weathered the initial issues and have seen great success in Voip?
  • Is there a high number of MSP’s that have walked away from VoiP never to return?
  • Have vendors made significant advancements making it easier deploy and support VoiP solutions?

I would love to hear any feedback you may have on these questions or the state of VoiP as a solution in your business…

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