Have you lost your Mojo?



That magic touch you once had, that spring in your step, the ability to close a sale without even trying, and the excitement of a day in the trenches; is it the customer who has changed? Or is it you? The latter is more likely.

Everyone needs a pick me up sometimes, but when the day to day becomes mundane, and the things you used to love doing are no longer fun, a change needs to occur.

This change could be as simple as a vacation, time away, or a change of scenery. A change in routine is another good way to breathe new life into your being. Take a new route to work, go for a walk at lunch, open the blinds, or take a meeting outdoors.

Try something new, or bring a simple hobby to work on at breaks or at lunch. I recently started working out at lunch and this can really help motivate you for the second part of the day.

Implement new ideas or meet with your staff to get their ideas and implement some of them. Redecorate your office; you’d be surprised what a little paint, rearranging and organizing will do to your mood.

Volunteer some of your time with community groups or organizations. Get your staff involved in volunteering and watch your team come together like never before.

Throw a party; invite your customers as an appreciation and energize your business with the joy of social interaction.

It is easy to get stuck in a routine. Though routines and process are the ultimate way to grow a business. It sometimes takes shaking things up a bit to make it all worth it.

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