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Seagate Stopping Production on 7200RPM 2.5 Hard Drives

Seagate, the Hard Drive and storage giant has announced that it will stop production on 2.5” 7200RPM Hard Drives in favor of hybrid SSD (Solid State) and full SSD drives. The move comes as manufacturers and consumers are benefiting from lower prices, higher speeds, and longer lasting SSD options.

The hybrid option provides a 5400RPM spinning disk alongside an SSD caching solution. This combination provides rivaling speeds to faster spinning drives, at a lower manufacturing cost. The change has some worried about the per gigabyte cost of the newer technology given hybrids and full SSD’s are still more expensive than the faster spinning drives.

Many people are looking for large storage options to meet the needs of audio, visual, and growing requirements for software programs, pictures, movies, etc. The 2.5”format has become the standard for mobile users and the rock bottom prices for spinning drives has made this option a favorable choice for many users.

Some argue that the cloud and external storage options have made internal fast spinning drives an unnecessary option, and it would appear that Seagate agrees. With Hybrid technology this may very well be true.

I recently upgraded the 7200RPM hard drive in my late 2008 Macbook, I saw a significant increase in performance while also upgrading the amount of storage to the device. At the time, given the amount of storage I needed, full SSD was out of the question due to cost. The hybrid option however was quite affordable and was an easy upgrade.

SSD prices continue to fall and as these drives reach consumer price levels it is expected that SSD’s will become the favored choice over spinning or even hybrid drives. The advantages to SSD drives are numerous. The drives are lighter, faster, and cooler, take less battery, and are said to last longer than traditional spinning drives. These factors make the SSD drive a superior technology.

Seagate rival Western Digital has not made any similar announcements and may be poised to pick up customers not ready to spend the extra money on hybrid technology. Seagate plans to stop production of the 7200RPM 2.5” drives midsummer and deplete remaining stock of the drives.

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