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Is Social Media Activity Good for Business?

Social media


Social Media if used correctly can be a tremendous tool for engaging with customers and building relationships. At the same time, it can also be a productivity burden and potential business threat if not managed and monitored properly.

Many companies have implemented new social media policies to curb employee productivity issues and to get a handle on potential image threatening conversations, which can have detrimental consequences and create negative press for the company.

There are a good number of examples that can be found on the internet by searching “social media company policy.” This can give you a good start for implementing best practices in your business and help to avoid potential future issues. If creating your own policy it is a good idea to write down your goals and objectives for any new policy and make sure to have a lawyer draft up a legal document that can be signed by employees.

One place where many companies fail with a social media policy is when business owners and executives do not follow the same policies that they implement. The reason this can be an issue is it is often that the more high profile individuals within the company tend to draw the most attention through social media, and can have the biggest negative affect on a business. For this reason it is always a good idea to follow a strict guideline that is set company wide.

This however doesn’t mean that there can’t be separate policies for regular employees, sales people, marketing staff, and executive staff. This may even be a good idea to address each role differently within the organization, depending on the type of social interaction they have with customers.

Of course on the flip side Social Media can be very good for business. It can help to build ties, advertise products and services, and create a community of loyal customers and participants. The key is to be active and post engaging information, topics, and content that is relevant to your audience. This means that it doesn’t always have to be about your product or service.

Be sure to regularly monitor your company’s online reputation through simple searches of social media sites and the web. If you see something negative in reviews or forums, be sure to address the issue and do what you can to make the situation right by the customer. Never engage in a war of words or post negative statements as this will surely result in bad press.

By implementing and enforcing a company policy and creating a social media presence, you are sure to increase business and interaction with your customers. The best advice for social media within the business is to have fun and stay aware.

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