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Following in the Footsteps of Success…

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From the time we were brought onto this earth, we have been learning, or “following in someone’s footsteps.” All of the basics and building blocks when you are small come from your parents or loved ones. For many, the key to personal or business success is continuing this path of learning by example.

How many times have you heard the phrase “don’t reinvent the wheel”? Most likely you have heard this hundreds of times, and rightfully so. It is great advice! Successful businesses become successful by implementing proven processes, growing through education, and learning from mistakes. Of course there are many other things that come into play, but following a proven system and seeking out the ways other have been successful can do nothing but help any situation.

This however is where things could get a little confusing. I personally do not believe there is one way, or one place to learn to become successful. Successful people take a culmination of ideals, processes, and proven practices from many different places and meld those with their own beliefs and ideas to create success.

Though none of this does any good unless you take action…

Think about it, if as a child you just watched everyone around you walk, but never had the drive to try to walk yourself; you would understand what it takes to walk across the room, but you would never accomplish the task. This seems to be the problem for many people. A good example of this especially in the tech industry are tech shows, conferences, and events.

Business owners and employees attend these shows usually for education, peer interaction, and the free booze; what is usually presented is a wealth of knowledge from experts and successful entrepreneurs providing experience based training. At every one of these events you will find countless attendees not paying attention, not asking questions, and generally disinterested in learning from those that have grown a business. Even worse, many of these same attendees will go back to their businesses and take absolutely no action.

These businesses owners will not see growth and success until they decide to follow in the footsteps of their successful peers, implement process, and take action. By going to educational events you are taking the first steps, but it’s the steps you take while at the event and after that will make all of the difference in your business. Make a decision to get the most out of any educational experience you have. Make a goal to leave any event with at least one thing you can implement in your business to make it better, and don’t be satisfied until you find that one thing. Take every opportunity to interact with successful business owners and ask them specific questions about how they have been successful in areas where you struggle.

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