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Is a Business Coach Worth It?

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The IT industry, like many other industries, has a good number of business coaches and consultants ready to help you reach your goals. As individuals, each one has their own expertise and take on how to run, foster, and grow a business.

A business coach much like a sports coach, can provide specified training, give advice, be a friend, and hold you accountable. Just like in sports, none of these will do any good unless you are willing to put in the work and effort it takes to succeed, meet your goals, and hold yourself accountable for assigned tasks.

This means that if you are not ready to commit to making your business better and doing what your coach tells you, the money you spend on the service will be for none. This makes finding the right coach for you, an important task.

Make sure if you are looking for a business coach to get recommendations from industry peers. Interview each recommended business coach and get a breakdown of the process in which they will use to help you to achieve your goals. If possible get a personalized proposal that outlines the services they will provide, the cost, and expected results.

Keep in mind that many of these services will be ongoing, but it is always a good idea to have defined goals that will allow you to measure your progress and success.

Another difficulty that many owners have, is to be confronted with the truth. Most business coaches will tell it like it is and not sugar coat things. For some this is hard to hear, especially when the confrontations seem personal or negative towards business practices, business relationships, or current processes.

It is important to listen with an open mind and take each suggestion with the utmost dignity. In these situations you must remember why you hired a coach in the first place; to better yourself and your business.

A business coach is not for everyone, but for those who could use a push, some process, and accountability; a business coach may be a worthwhile investment.

2 thoughts on “Is a Business Coach Worth It?
  • I would like to add that when I was running my MSP, I hired a business coach who was outside of the industry. He helped me focus on so much from financials, hiring and firing as well as helping me with the sale of my company. A business owner who is serious about taking their business to a different level is wise to bring in a coach, or as I like to be considered, a consultant. It gives a different perspective to the business, market, services and so much more. On a side note, the MSPs that I consult are seeing double to triple digit growth in new and recurring revenue each and every year.

    Thank you for writing this post.


  • Great article. When we grew our $5.4 M MSP in Calgary throughout the 2000′s, our business coach was worth their weight in gold. With Ulistic, we continue to practice many of the same skills Jean and Mark taught us. Our coaching solution focus on the entire MSP business. Marketing, sales, leadership, service delivery and anything else you can think of. Most importantly, it is about driving revenues and providing excellence in client service.


    Stuart Crawford
    MSP Coach

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