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Sometimes you just have to go for it


Most successful business owners and entrepreneurs got that way by working hard and taking lots of risks. “Sometimes you just have to go for it,” is a saying I have heard over the years from a number of these success stories. It seems to be true, as you hear the stories of how so many made their fortunes, rarely do you hear that it was all based on calculated moves, overanalyzing, or overthinking.

Far too often in the IT industry we are faced with owners that are less about taking risks and more about the latter. Though this may afford a moderate life financially and emotionally, it may never allow their business or themselves to reach their full potential.

Obviously we can’t just go for every idea we have, but the real point is we have to learn to listen to ideas and sometimes take some risks. Over the years I have had some good ideas and some not so great ideas. I have been lucky to have had bosses that were willing to listen, and sometimes take risks based on these ideas. It still gives me great satisfaction to know that some of these ideas have brought great success to companies I have worked for, and even spawned off brand new businesses.

As a business owner you may be surprised at how many of your employees have and are willing to provide great ideas for your business. It is easy to solicit these ideas from them by creating an open door policy and letting them know that you are open to ideas.

Though having ideas and listening to employee ideas is one thing, moving them forward is the step that most people have a hard time with. This is where most businesses miss out. Whether it is your employee or yourself, make sure to write down every idea you have. I use “notes” on my iPhone as I tend to have ideas all the time, in the most random places, and they sync to the cloud. It is always fun to go back and look at the ideas or share them with others.

When you have a great idea is when you must take the next step. Just go for it! When it feels right you should know and the worst that can usually happen is it fails. Find the most cost effective way to make it work. Challenge employees that have ideas and give them a very limited budget to make things happen. You may just be surprised at what people can do when they are passionate about something.

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