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Which is Better for Business LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter

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When asking the question is Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter better for business, the seemingly obvious choice would be LinkedIn, but maybe that isn’t necessarily the case.

Though LinkedIn is built around business and networking, as an interactive media platform with customers, it would appear to be lower on the list than Facebook or Twitter. Some may even argue that Twitter is a better interactive platform than Facebook for customer social interaction.

Each of these platforms has its rightful place and should be utilized by businesses to market and interact with customers.  LinkedIn is a great asset for business-to-business networking and allows you to obtain a huge list of business contacts. This can be a huge asset for owners but may not be the best way to increase your customer base or relationships.

Facebook on the other hand can be a great place to facilitate relationships. By following your customer’s profiles and pages you can get a good insight into what is happening in their personal and business life. In the same respect, customers can get a more personal look into you and your business as well as receive notifications of specials, offers, or any other announcements you may post.

Twitter tends to be the instant gratification solution. People interact in real time and these interactions can greatly affect your business both positively and negatively.  This is why it is imperative that you monitor your social media channels and respond to any positive or negative comment accordingly, in the most professional manner.

Big brands are recognizing the power of social media and small businesses should also see how it is a necessary part of business today. If I were to pick an order of precedence today for business social media, it would be Facebook, twitter, and then LinkedIn. In the world of social media this can all change in a heartbeat. With new platforms coming online all of the time, shifting trends, and mobile environments, the best thing to do is to stay informed.

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