I Bet Your Competitor is a Trusted Advisor Too!

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Trusted Advisor, Remote Monitoring and Management, Flat Rate Services, Cloud Solutions, Backup and Disaster Recovery, So on and so on…

Do all of these sound familiar? Of course they do. These are many of things that all managed service providers do, and it is very well stated when visiting any MSP website.

So, if everyone has a similar list of products, services, catch phrases, and terms, how can an MSP differentiate themselves from their local or national competition? Well, that part is getting more difficult. With an obvious consolidation happening with IT vendors, the list of differentiated products is getting smaller. Even if you are using a different product than your competition, the reality is that the feature set is most likely similar.

As IT vendors are consolidating, the same is happening with MSP’s. A good number of MSP’s have been bought, sold, combined, and some have just closed shop. This part may be good news for those that are still in the game but still leaves the question of differentiation up in the air.

Some MSP’s are finding this differentiation in verticals and niches. These have been covered in past posts but are a good way to separate your business from that of a competitor. Finding a unique niche or vertical can provide a good referral network and keep a steady flow of recurring revenue into the business.

Another way to differentiate your business is by building and fostering a sales team. This has been a difficult task for many MSP’s especially where the focus has mainly been on the technical aspects of the business. The biggest MSP’s with the most revenues have figured this out and have built out their sales teams. They provide sales staff incentives and budgets to build client relationships and understand that good sales people will be well paid for their performance.

As for that trusted advisor bit, describing yourself, your business, and your customers in a new way is just as important in differentiating yourself. Your pitch should not sound like everyone else, your website shouldn’t look like your competition, and your message should surely be unique. You are no longer a trusted advisor; instead you are a passionate invested partner ready to provide your customers with the reliable technical resources they need to run their business. How’s that for off the top of my head?

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