Additional Products MSP’s should be Selling…

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When it comes to being a Managed Service Provider (MSP), recurring revenue is the name of the game. Some have found selling traditional remote monitoring and support to customers a bit of a tough sell. This has spurred many to find new avenues of products that provide the business recurring revenues.

MSP’s have found selling cloud, backup, and other services can be just as lucrative as selling remote monitoring and can often times be easier to sell. There are a number of other products that are delivering significant recurring revenues to MSP businesses. Here are a few…

  1. Point of Sale – Point of sale solutions are exploding. With the advent of tablets and mobile devices, the POS market is prime for technology companies to install, manage, and maintain for service industries. Some companies are even offering the equipment for free or highly discounted in order to charge a monthly fee for service and management.
  2. VoIP – We have been talking about VoIP for many years and a good number of MSP’s are providing business phone solutions. The reason this is imperative is that Telecom companies are and have been getting into the managed services game. Thus providing similar services to their customers. It is just a matter of time before you are competing with these companies on your own turf. For this reason plus the revenue opportunity VoIP is an essential product to be providing.
  3. Security – IP security solutions are a big part of most MSP business offerings, but surveillance and building security may not be. These products are now IP based and incorporate servers or cloud options to record video, motion, alerting, and intruder detection. Security products offer a wide array of solutions and provide a good opportunity for recurring revenues.

It is worth looking into any or all of these opportunities. Any new solutions that bring in additional recurring revenue can only increase your bottom line. Do your research and ask industry peers what solutions they are providing. There are so many offerings in all of these categories, that it is best to find trusted sources.

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