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Cloud is Perfect Fit for Micro Businesses

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A new and exciting opportunity for MSP’s may be a seldom looked at market for typical managed service providers. The micro business or sub 10user space is proving to be an untapped and emerging market for IT companies providing cloud service solutions.

MSP’s who in the past have quoted server-based solutions or hardware upgrades to micro businesses, just to be turned down based on price, are finding renewed interest with cloud –based solutions. The benefits are appealing for the micro businesses in that there are generally no upfront costs, very little if any hardware requirements, and a number of customizable options that can fit any business.

Hosted exchange is of particular interest to Micro businesses. With hosted exchange solutions, these companies are able to communicate just like a larger business at a fraction of the cost of implementing a server. Many cloud providers such as ExchangeDefender have no minimum amount of user requirements and no long-term contracts, which allows micro businesses to expand or contract employee counts as needed without any penalties.

Businesses that purchase licensing and hardware in a traditional model tend to be stuck footing the bill in cases where employee counts shrink. This makes even seasonal businesses a good fit for cloud solutions.

If you have quoted micro businesses in the past and have been turned down, the cloud may be the right opportunity to market and revisit these previous quotes. Though individual micro business cloud sales will not generally net huge revenues, a number of micro business cloud sales can create a significant amount of recurring revenue to your MSP.

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