Making the Transition to Cloud

Business man on cloud


You may be surprised to learn that transitioning to selling cloud-based services really isn’t that difficult. Especially for those IT businesses that have already moved to an MSP based model.

The reasons are quite simple. As an MSP you have already transitioned your business to selling based on recurring revenue. This really is the first hurdle that must be overcome for many traditional IT Companies. Managed services in itself is an intangible sale. This means there are generally not a lot of physical assets attached to the sale, this is unless it is coming with new hardware, but let’s focus on the managed services portion alone.

In a managed service sale you are selling services, monitoring, management, remote access, peace of mind. This is the same in selling cloud. The single biggest reason that some are not selling cloud services is they simply don’t understand the fit. By this I mean in any sale you must know your target market. You have to understand what products fit what customers, and what your best options are when quoting a potential customer.

A good way to transition into cloud service sales is to choose a fit. I wrote a previous article talking about Micro businesses and how cloud is a great fit for sub 10 user environments. These businesses may be a good transitional test bed for providing cloud services. Many IT companies have frowned on Micro businesses and even turned them away in the past based on not being a good fit for managed services or equipment sales. This means there is little risk to learning and getting familiarized with cloud service based sales, providing solutions to businesses you would have previously not worked with.

By bringing cloud to your solution stack and transitioning to a model that most would agree is the future of the IT space, you are not only moving your business forward, but you are providing new, cost effective solutions to your customers; all of this while adding precious recurring revenue to your bottom line.

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