The One Thing Many Businesses Lack

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It is without a doubt to me that the one thing that many businesses lack is process. You may hear it time and time again from coaches, advisors, consultants, and educators that the key to a successful business is process.

I have personally experienced companies devoid of process, companies in transition, as well as companies that have thoroughly represented and followed processes and procedures. What I can tell you from this experience is that the companies that were transitional as well as process oriented were in growth phases, where the company that did not have process was stagnant.

Though many businesses do create written processes for tasks and procedures, writing is only the first step to running a business with process. Adhering, following, training, and updating are all parts that can sometimes get overlooked when discussing or creating process-based procedures.

This is where businesses tend to falter after good intentions. Making sure employees follow procedures can be very difficult, but it really comes down to proper training. In order to grow a business there must be systematic, standardized, and repeatable processes for each function of the business. This assures that no one person can interrupt or set back any portion of the business.

If process is lacking in your business the best thing to do is to first make a decision to begin. Hold a meeting with your employees and explain the steps that will be taken in order to change the way the business works. Assign everyone a task to create and document procedures around their job functions. Setup a company digital repository and hold people accountable for uploading and maintaining documentation. Ensure management utilizes these documents to train new staff and maintains the integrity of the information within.

By taking the first steps to creating process within your organization, you will not only be helping to grow your business, but you will be ensuring that your business can live on no matter what the future holds.

One thought on “The One Thing Many Businesses Lack
  • I couldn’t agree more, we adopted ISO9001 around three years ago and this forced us to properly document processes within the business, it has allowed us to double in size and improve client retentio , without properly documented processes I believe we would not have grown as much and would have lost many customers along the way.

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