Top 5 Things You should Never do to a New Customer or any for that matter

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Taking on a new customer isn’t always a walk in the park, especially for IT companies. Generally there is a good amount of work that must be performed before taking over a network, which can create immediate tension when things don’t go right. Knowing what to do, and better yet what not to do when dealing with new customers is an important part of creating a successful relationship.

  1. Overpromise and Under Deliver – This one everyone has heard a million times, yet so many people in the wake of making a sale do this over and over again. Just remember it’s “Under promise and over deliver” not the opposite.
  2. Ignore their Calls – Once again seems like common sense, but when faced with an issue many people freeze up and hope the issue will go away by ignoring it. Unfortunately this never works and only makes things much much worse.
  3. Threaten a Customer –This could be physically, with legal action, or any other threatening comment. Some things can spiral out of control rather quickly when opposing or even similar personalities meet. It is important to take a deep breath and think about everything you say when a customer is upset and giving you an earful.
  4. Give Stuff Away or Discounts – One way many business owners try to fix issues is by giving away product or providing heavy discounts. Though this may be a very temporary fix, it also sets a precedence for customers, that when they complain, they get stuff for free.
  5. Flirt with the Receptionist or any of the Customers Employees– Many people might disagree with this one but you might be surprised to learn how many times people get uncomfortable from what some would perceive as innocent flirting. It is always ok to be friendly and professional, but what may be difficult is understanding when a line is being crossed.

Dealing with customer issues can be trying and difficult. It is always best to remain calm and keep a professional composure at all times no matter what the circumstance. New customers can be even more difficult, as the relationship has not yet been built. This makes things more fragile and is more of a reason to be aware of any actions that may jeopardize the account.

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