What will the IT Company of the Future Look Like?

wooden hand holding a mobile phone

This is an interesting question and there are camps that can see it two ways. One side would say that the IT Company of the future will not exist. In this argument the thought is that as technology progresses, the need for people to interface and maintain equipment and software will decrease, as well users will become technologically savvy enough to handle all of their own installation, maintenance, and support. This notion works off the theory that equipment will be dispensable.

The second thought would be that IT companies will evolve with the times to meet the needs of customers. I would agree more with this thought process. We have seen this over the years in the IT space as the evolution continues from break fix to managed service to cloud and beyond.

Remote access has already revolutionized the way that IT companies interact with their customers. The future IT Company will definitely rely heavily on fewer employees to accomplish day-to-day tasks.

Project work may very well be minimized, with fewer devices and easy to connect/configure hardware, it is likely that onsite visits will be for those that would rather have someone else do the work than not having the knowledge on their own to do the work.

The IT companies that will survive and be a part of a new era of technology business, are those that can and will adapt. It is important to look ahead and not always live in the now. This means embracing new technologies now, such as mobile and cloud and finding ways to be successful with these solutions.

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