Why Do Some Peer Groups Require Minimum Revenue Requirements to Join?



One thing that has baffled me over the years in the channel, is a number of peer groups and organization that are designed to help businesses grow through peer interaction have minimum revenue requirements to become a member, but why?

It would seem that any IT business, whether they are a $100,000 a year business or a $10M business willing to do what it takes to grow their business, should be welcome into groups that are promoting themselves as facilitators.

Some would argue that different sized businesses have different requirements and business concerns, thus a very small business owner has little in common with a larger organization’s executive staff or owner. This may be true to a certain degree but on the opposite side of the argument, it could be said that every owner started in the same place and had they been given the opportunity to get guidance, they may have reached success faster or more efficiently.

Some Peer organizations have seen the issue in these rules and changed their ways, providing what is now an open opportunity for anyone to participate. This should be commended, though there are still distinct separations between members that are smaller and larger organizations.

A better way may be to mix different sized organizations, essentially creating a diverse mix of peers that meet on a set basis. This could be aside from the regular peer group that is made up of similar businesses. In this scenario smaller business would have the opportunity to interact with larger, successful businesses, giving insight into how to grow a business.

With more and more smaller IT firms closing their doors, the help that peers could provide in advice and facilitated interaction could make the difference between success and failure. Hopefully all peer groups and organizations will take the lead from others and open up to all IT providers.

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