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Are You a Trunk Slammer?


By now everyone in the IT industry has heard the term trunk slammer. Normally referring to a one-man shop, where they primarily work out of the trunk of their vehicle, charge ridiculously low prices, and are generally the fly by night type. Now many of you may be saying “none of those describe me; of course I’m not a trunk slammer!”

This may be true to a certain degree, but you might be surprised at how many MSP’s share a certain trait with the elusive trunk slammer. You see I have seen it over and over and time and time again in the IT industry. Sales person makes the sale, tech’s install equipment, and IT company never speaks to the company again, that is unless said company calls them.

The lack of followup, relationship building, and customer nurturing is what the trunk slammer has in common with so many MSP and IT solution companies. The reality is that there is so much business that is either left on the table or ignored, the door is often left wide open for competition to swoop in.

This is true even with Managed Services agreements. The premise of managed services in itself creates a culture of hands off, relationship free business. Everything about managed services was created to drive automation, decrease interaction, and avoid contact.

The biggest problem with the whole thing is that without interaction, customers can easily dismiss the lack of contact with a lack of value. The result can be an easy transition to another provider or decision to terminate rather than renew an agreement.

The moral of the unfortunate true story is; don’t be a trunk slammer! Visit your customers, build relationships, stay in constant communication, discuss new opportunities, and keep your customers…

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