How to avoid Feast or Famine

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Have you ever heard the saying “it’s either feast or famine?” I have heard it pretty often when it comes to the MSP business. This saying means that things can be really slow at times and then over busy at others.

Creating a consistent and steady flow of sales, projects, and hourly work, which keeps all employees busy and productive can be a challenge for any business owner. The key to finding this business dynamic is creating a structure of organization and process.

For many small businesses these tasks can be difficult. Begin by laying out specific processes for the most common tasks. It is easiest to outline the sale process from beginning to end, from obtaining and marketing, to gathering leads through to the close, on to a finished project, and finally to the follow up.

This outline does not have to dig deep, instead get the initial flow onto a whiteboard and then into a digital format. The next step will be to break these up into sections and get input from team members to create specifics for each task.

The reason creating these processes is important to avoiding feast or famine, is by creating a proven process that can be repeated, followed, measured, and managed; a business is much more likely to operate on a circular flow of continuous movement.

Without this, it is easy to get off track, which can lead to inconsistencies and fluctuating sales, work, and revenues. By creating a well-oiled machine that is constantly working towards the next goal, you can be sure to have instead of a feast or a famine, a comfortable meal everyday.

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