Leaving Money on the Table



Just getting back from a trip to SMB Nation Fall 2013 in Las Vegas and I’m sure you could guess that I left some money on the table. “True story,” but how many times in the IT industry have you heard the phrase “you can’t leave money on the table?”

It seems that this is often a nice way for vendors to tell MSP’s or IT solution providers that they are not selling enough products, services, or solutions. Coming from a sales background it is true that there can be items overlooked or underestimated in any project, however it isn’t anyone’s intention to just not sell something that a customer may want.

The real intention behind this phrase should be to educate partners on the necessity to ask questions, and to provide as thorough of an evaluation as possible. This means basing questions on your entire stack of solutions, and making sure nothing that you may provide to a potential customer is left out of an initial consultation or evaluation.

This conversation with the customer is important and really requires a well-planned list of questions or an evaluation sheet in order to make sure “no money is left on the table.” Many salespeople or individuals discussing issues with customers, like to “wing it” when it comes to the conversation, “go with the flow,” or “fly by the seat of their pants.” All of these may be ok, but conversations can turn in any given moment, steering the salesperson away from an initial train of thought and onto another subject matter.

Taking the time to create an evaluation form and a list of questions that align with your solution stack will keep you on track and assure that you will never leave any money on the table.

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