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SMB Nation Hits the Road to Educate the Masses on XP Migrations

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SMB Nation, best known for its industry publications and spring and fall events, is hitting the road to educate partners and customers on the upcoming Windows XP end of life.

The end of life for Windows XP, which will no longer be supported by Microsoft after April 8, 2014, is a pretty big deal for those businesses that have not yet transitioned to a newer operating system.

Though many might think that it is a non-issue since many of these users do not use Microsoft technical support anyways, will find the bigger issue to be the discontinuance of security updates, which may leave businesses that have not upgraded vulnerable and open to attack.

With security risks and requirements playing a huge role in businesses today, the end of life for Windows XP must be addressed by MSP’s and IT providers, and action must be taken by customers.

SMB Nation and its partners are taking a proactive approach to the situation by not only providing an educational opportunity for providers, but also by creating a lunch and learn event for customers. This approach gives the best opportunity to make sure all sides are on the same page and aware of the potential issues with not migrating to a new solution.

This tour, which has been named “The Million Mile Tour,” will be travelling through major cities across the nation. There will be plenty of Microsoft prizes, gift cards, and thought provoking insight provided for all attendees.

You can learn more about the events, locations, and additional information by visiting

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