Your Customers Probably Don’t Know All The Things You Do

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It often surprises me how many times I hear from partners, “we didn’t know you did that.” Considering the amount of informational outlets and touches we make on a regular basis, you would think everyone would be well informed of everything a company does.

The bigger problem is reaching the right person, and then having them retain the things that you do. This can only be accomplished with continued reinforcement, through marketing, interaction, and training.

Getting new customers is great, but there is a gold mine of business potential that is much easier to reach and already available. Your existing customer base might just be the biggest opportunity that you have.

The key to unlocking these potential sales is education. Some companies host lunch and learns, these simple and easy events can open the eyes of your customers to the vast amounts of products, services, and solutions that your company can provide.

Many of the lunch and learns I have seen in the past are directed at an individual topic, usually sponsored by a vendor that presents on behalf of the MSP, and has a very narrow objective. Though these are a step in the right direction, they can sometimes be less than an enjoyable experience for customers, and just a long sales pitch.

Consider hosting your own lunch and learn with a more general overview of the products and services that you can provide to your customers. Keep the information broad and as non-technical as possible. This will assure that you are not overcomplicating any topic and are keeping the content relevant to your audience.

As well, use examples and testimonials from other businesses that have benefitted from the specific service or solution you are discussing.

If you find that you have trouble filling the seats for a lunchtime event, consider hosting a “Customer Appreciation Party.” This can be an evening type event with appetizers and cocktails. If you go this route, your objective is still the same, to educate your customers. Be sure to set aside time at the party to present your solution stack overview to everyone. This means that the music stops and all eyes are on you.

By making lunch and learn or appreciation events fun and educational, you will be sure to have customers coming back to enjoy, learn, and buy more.

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