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Approaching a Sale without Selling

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Sales and selling can easily be considered a form of art. There are many people that have opinions on the best way to approach a sale. You can find countless books, articles, trainings, and advice where it comes to the art of selling. The reality is there is no one perfect way to sell; people are different, and what may work for one person, may be a completely wrong approach for another. This is why approaching a sale without a need to sell, may be one of the better all around approaches, I’ll tell you why.

When I say approach a sale without a need to sell, what I am really saying is “don’t try to sell!” Obviously your ultimate goal in any situation is to make a sale but, put that to the back of your mind and approach your customer with a sincere desire to help above all else. This can be very difficult for some and may mean that you might provide advice that could ultimately lead to your customer not buying anything at all.

This is ok, and you may be screaming, “How the heck is this going to make sales or pay the bills!” The answer lies in patience and building trust. A customer that you provide honest advice to, whether it means making money or not, will remember that honesty and will more likely be a loyal customer or recommend others to your business based on this newly deemed reputation.

Have you ever had a car mechanic say something like, “ya know you can go buy the part on your own a lot cheaper and we can install it for you”? I have, and this immediately gained trust with the mechanic I was using, and ultimately I allowed them to do all of the labor for all of my vehicles. The mechanic could have easily quoted me for the parts and labor, where I may have felt taken advantaged of later and tried another shop on my next go around, but instead by offering honest advice, he was able to gain immediate trust and a customer for life.

This works just as well in the IT industry; by not selling and instead providing honest advice, you can gain loyal, trusting customers, which in the end will equate to more sales.

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