Is Your Company Ready for a Makeover?

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IT companies, though usually on the pulse of technology, can sometimes be far behind when it comes to image, colors, logos, and materials. This is usually based on comfort, and a fear or aversion to change. Even large companies with recognizable brands like Microsoft tend to move slowly when it comes to image changes.

The fact is, that as times move forward, it is important to provide a fresh look, especially in technology businesses. Since websites are such a major part of the communications strategy for IT businesses, it is important that a website makeover is part of an overall marketing strategy.

A website makeover should occur about every other year. This provides visitors with a fresh experience and keeps everything on the site up to date. Some may even opt for a once a year makeover, though for most this may be overkill. A website makeover is just that, it doesn’t need to be a complete site redesign, but instead an update with color changes and an updated look.

A site redesign is also a necessary part of a marketing strategy, though this can be on a more liberal schedule. Even if you like the current layout of your site, it is important to get feedback from customer and friends on the design and functionality of your site. This will help you gauge the types of changes that will need to be made.

Lastly, revisit any websites that catch your eye and designs you like, this will give you more ideas for redesigns or makeovers that you can apply to your own site. Though the website isn’t the only thing that you should evaluate for a makeover within your business, it is one of the easier to change on a semi-regular basis. For this reason, a website makeover is a good way to keep your brand fresh and new.

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