Leaving a Tip for your Customers


Have you ever heard the term knowledge is power? Well, imagine a world where every time you were provided a service, you learned something; and I don’t mean a lesson about what not to do next time, but instead you were provided a piece of information that added value to your life.

Imagine this, you go to get your oil changed and each time before leaving, the service technician provides you with a tip or information that will help you in some way in the future. I’ll give you a for instance; recently one of our vehicles was having an issue with the key getting stuck in the ignition. After searching the Internet, I discovered that a small bit of dry powder graphite lube will not only fix the issue, but also is a good idea to do periodically as part of a maintenance schedule. Had this been a tip I had learned from a professional before the problem occurred, I may have saved time, effort, and wear and tear on the ignition before there was an issue.

MSP’s and IT companies have a similar opportunity to educate customers in many ways. Though newsletters and emails are a good way to do this, something that may be even better, is to leave customers with a helpful tip or information when face-to-face. Treat this similar to a traditional closing greeting like “see you next time” or “have a great day,” but with the added bonus of helpful info. For instance before greeting a customer goodbye, you could let them know about the latest virus that is out, or a helpful tip might be something like, “oh one last thing, it is a good idea for you to blow out your computers fans with compressed air regularly to keep them from failing and overheating.”

Training and supplying your technicians with information to leave customers as they visit sites may be another differentiator that may separate you from your competition. If you feel your technicians are too introverted, create a simple handout that they can leave behind with the tip of the month. You could even utilize this handout to inform customers of upcoming lunch and learns, or any other special event that you may be hosting. By making opportunities to educate your customers, you will be securing their business and their loyalty.

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