Is Google the Right Place to Build Your Cloud Infrastructure?

man and clouds

Google has announced the availability of its new cloud infrastructure service “compute cloud”; the infrastructure service was built to rival Amazon’s AWS or Amazon Web Services. Google is aggressively pricing its offering but is it enough to sway business customers to choose its solution or move from Amazon?

One of the biggest concerns for many businesses is the security and privacy of the information on their networks, these concerns may have some questioning the availability and access Google will have to the information that is hosted on their platform.

Microsoft has pointed these questions out in their now infamous “Scroogled” ad campaign. Though this is meant as a parody campaign, it has brought to light a number of potential issues that some may have in utilizing Google’s services.

Google is claiming that it will maintain a 99.95% uptime availability for its compute cloud service, which is less than the five nines guarantee that many IT providers are accustomed to in telecom services and other industry products. This percentage may be due to the nature of the potential issues faced, and the increase over the last couple of years in cyber attacks on top tier vendors.

One thing that is for sure is there will be a battle for cloud infrastructure customers between Google and Amazon. This will drive down costs and the expectation will be that more cloud services and solutions will be available to the market.

It is likely that competition will increase in the space and the lines between the costs of traditional server deployments and cloud deployments will be blurred enough to sway businesses that were once on the fence towards the cloud.

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