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Start Looking at Next Year Today

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As IT companies and MSP’s start winding down their year, and as holidays fast approach; businesses should be gathering employees not only for holiday parties, but also for end of year wrap ups and 2014 strategy meetings.

Wrap Up

Closing out the year with staff is important and is a great way to evaluate productivities, efficiencies, and goals. Business owners should prepare staff to be ready to discuss individual roles and provide data to support departmental accomplishments and missed goals. Each department should present a number of key facts that will help indicate the state of the department. Here are some examples for specific departments.

Business Owner – State of the Business, Overall Health, Staff Growth or Reductions

Sales/Marketing – New partners (numbers), signed contracts, Project Revenues

Technical/Operations – Operational Efficiencies, Ticket Counts, Service Calls, Callbacks, Revenues

Administration – Staffing, HR Policy changes, Social Media Health

By gathering staff for an end of year wrap up, companies can get a better idea of where to focus efforts in the coming year as well as assess any necessary changes that must be made to the business.


Leaving a wrap up meeting, each department should be tasked with creating goals and expectations for the coming year. This information will be provided to the business owner who will then assess these goals and expectations and create his or her modified list. Once prepared and before the end of the year, the staff should once again be brought together to be presented their respective list of expectations and goals.

Businesses that involve employees, reflect on the previous year, and set expectations and goals, can expect to avoid the typical “business as usual” scenario that often plagues businesses and inhibits growth.

Though doing all of this is a great start for the upcoming year, it can only be successful if there is accountability and review throughout the year. The best plan is to create expectations/goals, designate periodic reviews, and stick to it year round.

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