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Building a Local Brand


Effectively building a brand for your local business can be a costly and hard to measure endeavor. Often businesses that have a good reputation or brand in a local area have spent many years building their image, reputation, and brand. So what does it take to successfully build a local brand?

There are a number of ways to get more known in your local area. Most of these require some type of investment but can have a significant effect on new and incoming business.

Advertising- Though many might consider advertising to be old school or behind the times, TV advertising and billboards particularly may still be an effective way to reach potential customers. Radio and newsprint advertising are on the decline and may be less effective than other forms of traditional advertising. Stay away from costly phone book advertising, that is unless it meets a required demographic.

Word of Mouth – Brand awareness is driven by word of mouth and nothing is better than this form of awareness. Creating an environment of customer service and care will assure that you have not only repeat customers, but are recommended by those that you have done business with.

Reviews – Yelp, Google, foursquare, and other websites make it easy for customers to review and rate businesses. These reviews can have a dramatic affect either positively or negatively on a business. It is important to constantly monitor these sites for customer feedback and address any concerns immediately.

Testimonials –Customer testimonials are a good way to create awareness around your brand. When affluent companies in the area utilize your service, others will follow.

Signage – Signage is a great visual reminder to all that see it on a regular basis. Wrapping vehicles with logo’s and business information is not only eye catching but is an inexpensive way to advertise the business. Building signage can also be a great way to bring in new customers.

Trade Organizations – Joining local trade organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce adds value by including your business in local directories and provides information to local communities.

Community Outreach – Getting involved in local Clubs, charities, and outreach programs can provide social and networking opportunities to build your brand.

Sponsorships – Local sports teams, benefits, and entertainment facilities provide sponsorship opportunities for local businesses. These options can provide further visual brand awareness within the community.

Mailers, Postcards, and Fliers – Direct marketing is another way to increase your brand visibility and can reach a good number of potential customers.

As you can see there are many ways to build brand awareness for a business. The key is to create a budget and make a plan to best utilize resources and measure results. Understanding that there is no quick way to build a brand is an important part of the process and many of the listed items will need to be consistently utilized in order to see results.

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