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Expanding your Business Beyond the Local Mindset


One of the many goals for MSP and IT businesses is to grow from small local shops, to companies with bigger presence or further reach. In the past, this meant expanding coverage through opening new shops or increasing the footprint by purchasing other businesses. Though these options still exist, many MSP’s are finding it easier to expand their businesses beyond their local municipalities through creative marketing and by using remote solutions and providing cloud services.

The MSP model has brought a set of tools that allows for minimized staff requirements, automated billing solutions, and repeatable processes. This along with numerous cloud solutions has allowed IT businesses to not only monitor and manage networks and devices, but also provide installation, setup, and support for applications and software services.

Though it may seem like an impossible task to market on a larger scale, with a little bit of planning and execution, expanding the reach of your business may be easier than expected.

Local Plus – Start by expanding your marketing efforts and expansion goals regionally rather than nationally, for instance divide your state into segments and begin by expanding to each segmented region one at a time. This will not only provide an easier, more manageable strategy, but will also provide a simplified data stream to measure your success.

Replication – As an MSP you have created a number of processes for managing customers remotely and minimizing on-site visits. In a national or regional operation these processes are crucial to the success of your growth, make sure that these processes are well documented, followed, and repeatable.

Limit Services – Ultimately everyone would love to get big dollar managed services contracts on a larger scale, but providing managed services may be biting off more than a small office can chew. Instead, focus on cloud service related products that are easy to deploy and manage remotely. These products can easily increase recurring revenue and significantly add to the bottom line.

Marketing – Marketing is the key to breaking into any new market. Utilize any number of marketing options such as, postcards, flyers, email, and call downs. The initial marketing focus should be to build brand awareness in the region you are targeting and less on initial sales. Once you have blanketed a market with brand awareness campaigns, then you can provide targeted product specific marketing to drive sales. This one-two punch will be a better and more effective use of your marketing budget.

This may just be your year to set your sights higher and reach your business growth goals or make some new ones. Most likely, you already have the tools, process, and know-how to make those goals a reality. By creating a plan, setting a budget, and taking one additional region at a time, you may just find that providing and selling cloud services is a lucrative and easy way to expand your business.

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