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Is Platform Level after Key Departure at LPI?

MSPMentor today broke the story that Peter Sandiford, former CEO of Level Platforms and current Executive at AVG, is leaving the company after just six months since the purchase and transition of the LPI platform to AVG.

The move, which may not be much of a surprise to many, considering the high profile departures of former LPI executives to other companies, was announced through an email that MSPMentor received.

LPI, which was founded in 1999 had gained a large following in the MSP space for their RMM platform and was sold to AVG last year; has had many questioning whether the company would be able to maintain its customer base after the transition to such a large buyer.

Though it isn’t clear whether Sandiford is leaving due to directional or corporate changes, Sandiford states that he is “moving on to new adventures.” Whether this means that he will be heading to a new business or channel venture is also not clear.

Customers of Level Platforms have reasons to be concerned with these dynamic changes. If past purchases and retirements of RMM solutions by large companies prove to be a continuing trend, MSP’s may need to be looking toward other solutions before being forced out.

Recently, Dell as part of an acquisition for Quest software acquired PacketTrap, and it was later announced that Dell would be discontinuing the PackeTrap solution. Previous to that Dell acquired Silverback and the company fell to the same fate.

With so many acquisitions and changes in the RMM space, MSP’s need to continue to evaluate their solutions, as RMM remains the backbone of the MSP model. For now, Sandiford is keeping mum about his future, but having built Level Platforms from the ground up, we expect big things from him in the future.

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