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Ring in the New Year by answering your Phone

telephone with hands dialing

IT companies and MSP’s are notorious for not answering calls and relying heavily on auto-attendants. One New Year’s resolution that should be at the top of every businesses’ list, is resolving to answer every call.

You may be surprised to learn that you are missing opportunities if you make it too difficult to be reached. Where competition for new customers is at all time high between IT companies, having the easiest possible way to reach a live person should be at the top priority for all.

People have become accustomed to instant gratification through internet resources, mobile devices, and technology. Antiquated voice systems can make a technology company appear behind the times and a malfunctioning system is much worse.

If you must use an auto-attendant, I would highly recommend calling your own office and attempting to navigate the automated system. I have called many offices where the phone system loops through and I am never able to reach someone. The dial by name directory for many of these systems often is misconfigured, and simple options can become very mundane if they are too many levels deep.

Another issue for many is leaving messages. Some people would rather call the next company than leave a message. If you are unable to have a live receptionist or someone to answer your phone, hiring an answering service is a must do for the new year. Though this option is not optimal, it is better than voicemail any day.

Answering every call should become a top priority for all businesses. With money being spent on marketing, it is important that no opportunity is missed.

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