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Quest Software Enters Crowded PSA Market: Is RMM The DMZ for MSPs? (Guest Post by Steve Noel)

Quest Software, makers of PacketTrap MSP announced in a press release that they have purchased BlueFolder, and are launching a new product called PacketTrap PSA. Below is a quote from their press release.

“With this acquisition, Quest will offer the first end-to-end managed service provider (MSP) business management solution that will provide robust, remote monitoring and management (RMM) functionality paired with a professional services automation (PSA) system.”

So it seems there are now three different PSA company business models.

1. Those that only develop and sell a PSA software.

2. Those that are owned by a company that also develops and sells a standalone RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management) software.

3. Those that have a full blown PSA in their RMM software.

None of the PSAs have any type of RMM functions, they have all created integrations to this other type of software. However, most, if not all of the RMM vendors have created the ability in their software to allow a base level of  ticketing functionality. Except for one company, Kaseya, none of the RMM vendors have done this in an attempt to compete with a full blown PSA.

Why? Well I think there has been a truce. A DMZ between these different types of software companies that see better channel business and growth by integrating to and co-marketing with each other. Valid or not few have ventured outside of this model.

There was backlash in the channel when ConnectWise Capital purchased LabTech Software. There was a perception, true or not, that ConnectWise could not continue to fairly engage in joint marketing, without the other RMMs providing this same data to LabTech. This backlash seems to have dissipated somewhat as ConnectWise has continued to support the other RMM vendors with integrations and marketing dollars.

Based on what I have read, PacketTrap plans on the same strategy. Providing enhanced single pane of glass functionality for those who want it, integration to other PSAs for those who don’t.

Will the channel buy into it? We will have to keep a close eye on Quest and PacketTrap after their March release to know for sure. I’ll say this, I think the market and the channel are maturing and accepting this type of growth as the natural progression of that maturation.


Looks Cloudy has guest contributors? Yes, that’s right, we do now. It’s pretty new, and Steve Noel is one of our favorites. 

Steve Noel has worked a quarter of a century in the computer industry. He has worked in all aspects of this industry, hardware, software and services. He has done this as a consumer, provider, and vendor.

Steve is an unusual breed – one who possesses the “technical mind” of an engineer, but who somehow managed to develop interpersonal “sales” skills as well. Steve’s approach in business and sales is a highly personal one, building relationships and leveraging them to satisfy everyone involved.

Steve’s current job is helping VARs and MSPs build and run successful IT services businesses. He’s been watching the Cloud Computing age being born around us. And he knows a thing or two about it. You can friend Steve on Facebook and follow Steve on twitter @steven_w_noel

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